Load and Share Components

Load and use an ecosystem of components

This section describes how to load and use existing components. In this section, “components” refers to both single-step components and pipelines, which can also be used as components.

IR YAML serves as a portable, sharable computational template. This allows you compile and share your components with others, as well as leverage an ecosystem of existing components.

To use an existing component, you can load it using the components module and use it with other components in a pipeline:

from kfp import components

loaded_comp = components.load_component_from_file('component.yaml')

def my_pipeline():

You can also load a component directly from a URL, such as a GitHub URL:

loaded_comp = components.load_component_from_url('https://github.com/kubeflow/pipelines/blob/984d8a039d2ff105ca6b21ab26be057b9552b51d/sdk/python/test_data/pipelines/two_step_pipeline.yaml')

Lastly, you can load a component from a string using components.load_component_from_text:

with open('component.yaml') as f:
    component_str = f.read()

loaded_comp = components.load_component_from_text(component_str)

Some libraries, such as Google Cloud Pipeline Components package and provide reusable components in a pip-installable Python package.


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