Run a Pipeline

Execute a pipeline on the KFP backend

The KFP offers three ways to run a pipeline.

1. Run from the KFP Dashboard

The first and easiest way to run a pipeline is by submitting it via the KFP dashboard.

To submit a pipeline to the KFP Dashboard:

  1. Compile the pipeline to IR YAML.

  2. From the Dashboard, select “+ Upload pipeline”.

Upload pipeline button

  1. Upload the pipeline IR YAML to “Upload a file”, populate the upload pipeline form, and click “Create”.

Upload pipeline screen

  1. From the Runs tab, select “+ Create run”:

Create run button

  1. Choose the pipeline you uploaded, provide a name, any run parameters, and click “Start”. Start a run screen

2. Run from the KFP SDK client

You may also programatically submit pipeline runs from the KFP SDK client. The client supports two ways of submitting runs: from IR YAML or from a Python pipeline function. For either approach, start by instantiating a Client using the host URL of your KFP instance:

from kfp.client import Client
client = Client(host='<YOUR_HOST_URL>')

To submit IR YAML for execution use the .create_run_from_pipeline_package method:

client.create_run_from_pipeline_package('pipeline.yaml', arguments={'param': 'a', 'other_param': 2})

To submit a Python pipeline function for execution use the .create_run_from_pipeline_func convenience method, which wraps compilation and run submission into one method:

client.create_run_from_pipeline_func('pipeline.yaml', arguments={'param': 'a', 'other_param': 2})

See the KFP SDK Client reference documentation for a detailed description of the Client constructor and method parameters.

3. Run from the KFP SDK CLI

The kfp run create command allows you to submit a pipeline from the command line. kfp run create --help shows that this command takes the form:

kfp run create [OPTIONS] [ARGS]...

For example, the following command submits the path/to/pipeline.yaml IR YAML to the KFP backend:

kfp run create --experiment-name my-experiment --package-file path/to/pipeline.yaml

For more information about the kfp run create command, see the KFP Command Line Interface reference documentation. For more information on the KFP CLI generally see Command Line Interface user docs.


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