Charmed Kubeflow from Canonical

A production-ready, free-to-use, Kubeflow distribution from Canonical for easy consumption anywhere, from workstations to on-prem, public cloud and edge.

Charmed Kubeflow from Canonical delivers a powerful, sophisticated end-to-end MLOps platform which you can deploy using any conformant Kubernetes distribution. The solution enables optimised AI training and modelling, in a robust and automated way, allowing data scientists to focus on AI/ML projects, instead of underlying infrastructure. The enterprise-ready platform is available backed with 24/7 support, expert set-up services, and managed services with a service level agreement (SLA). With a growing ecosystem of powerful extensions and integrations including MLFlow and Seldon, the Charmed Kubeflow solution amplifies productivity levels for data scientists and machine learning engineers working with advanced analytics and AI.

Charmed Kubeflow is Canonical’s version of the upstream Kubeflow project. It uses charms, allowing components to easily connect and work effectively for different use cases. Main features include:

  • Free to use: Charmed Kubeflow is offered as free, open-source software. You don’t need a support agreement or license to deploy Charmed Kubeflow.
  • Integrated: A growing ecosystem of extensions and integrations, such as MLFlow to help scale up your data science initiatives.
  • Available: Charmed Kubeflow is a fully portable solution for any cloud, including on-premise Kubernetes. Train your teams once to work anywhere.
  • Supported: 24/7 support, professional services and managed services with guaranteed SLA are available.
  • Community-driven: Charmed Kubeflow is an open-source product driven by the community’s feedback. You can always contribute or get our team’s support.

Charmed Kubeflow deployment guide Instructions for Kubeflow deployment with Kubeflow Charmed Operators

Charmed Kubeflow upgrade guide Instructions to update to the latest version of Charmed Kubeflow.

Charmed Kubeflow tutorials A collection of fun tutorials once you get started with Kubeflow

Charmed Kubeflow documentation Official documentation of Charmed Kubeflow


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