Kubeflow Deployment Process

How kubeflow installation works

Understanding the Kubeflow deployment process

The deployment process is controlled by the following commands:

  • kustomize build - Use kustomize to generate configuration files defining the various resources for your deployment. .
  • kubectl apply - Apply the resources created by kustomize build to the kubenetes cluster

Repository layout

IBM manifests repository contains the following files and directories:

  • iks-single directory: A kustomize file for single-user deployment

  • iks-multi directory: A kustomize file for multi-user deployment

  • others Other files are used to compose Kubeflow resources

Kubeflow installation

Starting from Kubeflow 1.3, the official installation documentation uses a combination of kustomize and kubectl to install Kubeflow.

Install kubectl and kustomize

Next Steps

  1. Check Kubeflow Compatibility
  2. Go here for installing Kubeflow on IKS
  3. Go here for installing Kubeflow on IBM OpenShift


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Last modified March 16, 2023: use kustomize v5.0 for IBM IKS (#3467) (02e50d5)