Installing Kubeflow

Instructions for Kubeflow deployment with Kubeflow Operator

This guide describes how to use the Kubeflow Operator to deploy Kubeflow. As mentioned in the Operator introduction, the Operator also allows you to monitor and manage the Kubeflow installation beyond the initial installation.


  • Kubeflow Operator needs to be deployed on your cluster for rest of steps to work. Please follow the Install the Kubeflow Operator guide to install the Kubeflow Operator

Deployment Instructions

The Kubeflow Operator uses the KfDef as its custom resource. You can compose a KfDef configuration or pick a default KfDef from the Kubeflow manifests repo. Keep in mind choosing the release that will work with the Kubeflow Operator.

Prepare KfDef configuration

The field must be set for the KfDef manifests whether it is downloaded from the Kubeflow manifests repo or is originally written. Following example shows how to prepare the KfDef manifests

# download a default KfDef configuration from remote repo
export KFDEF_URL=
export KFDEF=$(echo "${KFDEF_URL}" | rev | cut -d/ -f1 | rev)
curl -L ${KFDEF_URL} > ${KFDEF}

# add field
# Note: yq can be installed from
yq w ${KFDEF} '' ${KUBEFLOW_DEPLOYMENT_NAME} > ${KFDEF}.tmp && mv ${KFDEF}.tmp ${KFDEF}

Deploy the Kubeflow with the Kubeflow Operator

Kubeflow Operator is watching on any KfDef resource in the Kubernetes cluster. Depends on how the operator is installed, there are a couple of ways to start the Kubeflow deployment. You can always manually run with following commands

# create the namespace for Kubeflow deployment
kubectl create ns ${KUBEFLOW_NAMESPACE}

# create the KfDef custom resource
kubectl create -f ${KFDEF} -n ${KUBEFLOW_NAMESPACE}

Note: in the example above, ${KFDEF} points to a local KfDef configuration file, however, it can also points to a remote URL containing a valid KfDef configuration.

Watch the deployment progress

The Kubeflow deployment is carried on by the operator, you can watch the progress with this command

kubectl logs deployment/kubeflow-operator -n ${OPERATOR_NAMESPACE} -f

Verify the Kubeflow deployment by monitoring the pods in the ${KUBEFLOW_NAMESPACE}

kubectl get pod -n ${KUBEFLOW_NAMESPACE}

NAME                                                     READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
admission-webhook-bootstrap-stateful-set-0               1/1     Running   3          2m26s
admission-webhook-deployment-5bc5f97cfd-chjnm            1/1     Running   2          46s
application-controller-stateful-set-0                    1/1     Running   0          2m30s
argo-ui-669bcd8bfc-5dk5c                                 1/1     Running   0          45s
cache-deployer-deployment-b75f5c5f6-42n6l                2/2     Running   1          45s
cache-server-85bccd99bd-tfrnr                            2/2     Running   0          44s
centraldashboard-8849f64cf-l45zc                         1/1     Running   0          44s
jupyter-web-app-deployment-6c568f4cbc-pd68m              1/1     Running   0          43s
kubeflow-pipelines-profile-controller-846cc56f44-cmbbf   1/1     Running   0          43s
metacontroller-0                                         1/1     Running   0          96s
metadata-writer-59d755696c-fh6px                         2/2     Running   0          43s
minio-d45d44d4f-rmxft                                    1/1     Running   0          42s
ml-pipeline-6bc56cd86d-kn7zt                             1/2     Running   0          42s
ml-pipeline-persistenceagent-6f99b56974-x2f52            2/2     Running   0          41s
ml-pipeline-scheduledworkflow-d596b8bd-qdz6m             2/2     Running   0          41s
ml-pipeline-ui-8695cc6b46-hr8p5                          2/2     Running   0          40s
ml-pipeline-viewer-crd-5998ff7f56-5rn4s                  2/2     Running   2          40s
ml-pipeline-visualizationserver-cbbb5b5b-w7rbd           2/2     Running   0          39s
mysql-76597cf5b5-jpsrx                                   1/2     Running   0          39s
notebook-controller-deployment-756587d86-fffg8           1/1     Running   0          38s
profiles-deployment-865b78d47f-pbgl4                     2/2     Running   0          38s
workflow-controller-54dccb7dc4-hkg9s                     1/1     Running   0          37s


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